Analyze your spine and correct any subluxations.

Customized care for your particular spinal problems. Dr. Crisman will analyze your spine and correct any subluxations to help restore the innate healing potential in your body. One goal of our staff is not to keep you one visit longer or one visit less than you need to realize your body’s ideal spinal model. Afterwards, for proper maintenance, we’ll schedule you to be checked for subluxations every six months. This phase of our health plan is the equivalent of your dentist’s six-month checkup – it only makes sense to care for the vital nerve center of your body at least as well as you do your teeth.

State-of-the-art equipment.

The tools we use to isolate your specific problems are on the forefront of chiropractic technology, developed to ensure quicker results that put you on the road to better health.

Essential to our method is an adjusting instrument which ensures the most exact, effective chiropractic treatments available today. The instrument allows spinal manipulation with no twisting of the spine or neck.

Finally, we use an infra-red device that measures the skin’s temperature along each side of the spinal column. This analysis determines when vertebrae should or should not be adjusted.


Do you ever feel out-of-sorts? Do you get tired quicker than you used to? Do you feel like you are merely existing? Don’t be too quick to attribute those feelings to age or some sort of biological cycle . . . you can actually choose to feel better with the right health plan.

Your nervous system runs and regulates your entire body – it is the communication network of your cells and organs. An interference in this network forces other systems in your body to compensate by working harder and carrying more weight.

Research says that if this weight is even as light as a dime, the resulting pressure can reduce your nerves’ potential of working by 40%. This reduction decreases your body’s overall efficiency and innate ability to heal itself. Left uncorrected, the condition lowers your ability to fight disease and illness – so much that it shortens your life.

Research also indicated that a surprising 90% of all organic problems are due to this type of interference in the nervous system. And as much as 90% of that group has an interference due to subluxations.

A subluxation is a misalignment of the components within your spine. Four conditions exist when you have a subluxation: (1) vertebrae in the spinal column are out of alignment with each other,

(2) openings through which nerves lie become much narrower,

(3) there is pressure or irritation on the spinal cord or peripheral nerves, and

(4) messages sent between the brain and the body become deficient.

Subluxations are caused by the daily bombardment of physical, chemical and emotional stresses of our environment. They lower your resistance and make you susceptible to illness and disease. Often, they will not  show any immediate, identifiable symptoms until the body can no longer adapt to it’s current stress load.  This will show up with such conditions as high blood pressure, hypo and hyperglycemia, allergies, pain, colds, flu, diarrhea, vomiting etc. . . .

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