Our Client’s Testimonials

Stephen Burch
I was thoroughly impressed with Dr. Crisman and the work he did for my spine
Stephen Burch
Jace C

Migrane Headaches

I had suffered from head­aches on a daily basis for 35 years . I am now 56, and the headaches started when I was in my twenties. They were diagnosed to be mi­graines, and would cause nausea as well as pain. At the age of 50, I had to have surgery on my head due to an aneurysm that had hem­orrhaged.

“Despite these headaches, I did not lose any time from work, except for the cerebral surgery in 1986. That sur­gery and its recovery made me unable to work for three months. Although they did not affect my work, these headaches were hard on my family. They had to live with my pain, my mood changes, and sickness just as I did. In spite of all this, they were very supportive.

“Over the years, I sought help from many different sources. I went to medical doctors, who would pre­scribe medicine for the pain. Previous chiropractic care (manipulations) gave me temporary relief. A neurolo­gist repaired the arterial damage caused by the hem­orrhage.

“Upon coming to see Dr. Crisman, he took x—rays and examined me. I was started on a treatment schedule of two times per week.

“It is hard to put into words how I now look forward to each day. Before my treat­ment here started, I knew that every day would be the same — “headaches”. After just two weeks of care, I ex­perienced my very first two­days—in—a—row without a headache. It has remained the same for most days since.”

Jace C
Jenifer B

Neck & Low Back Pain

“I was in a serious car acci­dent three and a half years ago. I had been under chiropractic care for that entire time, and seemed to have reached a plateau. I still frequently experienced low back pain, sciatica, and difficulty in swallowing. I had lost feeling in several areas and often went numb in my extremities.

“My lifestyle completely changed due to this acci­dent, limiting the activities I was capable of doing. I was athletic before the wreck and my hus­band and I enjoyed many outdoor ac­tivities. All of this changed when I had my accident.

“I was under chiropractic care before the accident and after. I believe it was very beneficial and helped me to function better than if I had not been under care. The particular techniques being used on me took me to a certain point, then main­tained. I was a lot better off than before, but not to where I was before the acci­dent.

“Dr. Crisman took me in on a day’s notice, visualized me, and took new xrays. We discovered that my spine looked worse than it did af­ter I had had my accident. I was very impressed with Dr. Crisman’s knowledge and complete belief that I could function at a higher level than where I was. He then analyzed and adjusted my spine.

“Now, one month later, I am feeling better than I have in four years! I have had feel­ing return in 3 areas in par­ticular. I rarely have low back pain. I have increased energy, and am sleeping bet­ter at night. I enjoy Dr. Crisman’s energy and believe that he has nothing but his patient’s best interest at heart. I appreciate that he is using his God given talents to help others.”

Jenifer B